ENS Testnet

Here you can understand how to use ENS Testnet

Ethereum Name Service has a testnet version that anyone can use to run tests with ENS domains.

You simply need to switch your wallet network to Goerli network.

It should be available on Metamask by default. If you don't fing it, go to Metamask configuration and switch the toggle to show Test Networks.

Then just go to app.ens.domains and use it live the main net version.

To mint a domain you need GoerliETH. You can claim GoerliETH made available by ENS at the link alpha.ens.domains.

Now you can register a testnet ENS domain.

Registering a new ENS domain is made of two transactions, same as ENS Main Net.

At the end of this short process you're the owner of this ENS domain on Testnet. In order to use it with ENS Raffles, you just need to do one more action with your domain.

As you can see in the image below, the domain is "wrapped" by default. To use our Raffle service, the domain shoud be unwrapped, so you need to perform a transaction to change this status. If you don't know much about ENS Name Wrapper, we suggest you to read this in-depth article from ENS DAO

You just need to sign a transaction to unwrap the ENS domain.

Now just check of the ENS domain status has changed from wrapped to unwrapped

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