Referral System

Tickets referral system

One of the most interesting features of ENS Raffles is the introduction of a Referral System in ticket sales. The use of a second layer (Arbitrum) for ticket sales enables an automatic and widespread redistribution of fees that is not burdened with excessive transaction costs.

A referral program was included in early versions of the Opensea marketplace, but has now been removed. Thus, there is not enough incentive for someone to talk about the listing or auction of a particular domain or NFT.

Instead, we want to give incentives for people to talk about each Raffle. Thus, the owner of the domain being raffled can decide whether or not to include a referral fee for selling tickets and decide the amount of it (from 1% to 10%).

ENS powered Ref tracking

We have become accustomed to seeing referral program systems made by web3 and dAPP protocols. Basically, we tend to identify the user with the wallet address and use that address as the referrer identifier.

ENS Raffles introduces the possibility of being identified by the ENS domain linked to one's wallet. Thus, even the Ref link will contain its own .eth domain rather than the hexadecimal string. So, instead of sharing a link like

you can share a more readable link

Open-source Ref System

As soon as we finish to deploy and test this open-source ENS powered referral system, we will make it available (using GitHub) to all compatible EVM projects.

Any project, whether on the Ethereum network or on Layer2, will have a base of smart contracts with which to define their own Referral mechanism, integrating it directly into their dapp.

This mechanism involves the use of wallet addresses as referral identifiers. Wallet addresses can only be replaced by the use of an ENS domain linked to the wallet address.

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